This cream activates the nerves in the clitoris, temporarily enhancing sensitivity through a body-safe formula. It contains L-arginine and menthol, which draw blood flow to erogenous areas while creating a tingling sensation on contact. To use, rub a very small amount on the labia or directly to the clitoris. Give the ingredients about 10-15 minutes to work before enjoying sex. Many users report stronger, more frequent orgasms, and the tiny tube provides enough cream for dozens of Make Me Cum Clit Sensitizer is compatible with all condoms and toys. This product is not a lube - for the best possible results, add a water-based lubricant to your order and take your time while enjoying the hyper-stimulating formula. Jar contains enough cream for dozens of applications and even more orgasms Results may vary depending on a number of factors Size 0.5 Oz


  • Vörumerki: Adam & Eve
  • Vörunúmer: AE-LQ-6406-2
  • Lagerstaða Sunnulíð: 1
  • 2.465 ISK