The original? Well, it's still the best. You know better than to mess around with anything but the classic. The water-based Original Masturbator Lube from Zero Tolerance Toys is still the best way to add just the right amount of moisture and slickness for your alone-time sexual experiences - giving you a mind-blowing, earth-shattering unforgettable session of self-pleasure (it's also perfectly safe to use with a partner, too). It's also a great lubrication option for all of your sex sleeve accessories! Original Masturbator lube is easy to clean up, easy to apply and latex condom-safe.


  • Vörumerki: Adam & Eve
  • Vörunúmer: ZE-LU-5324-2
  • Lagerstaða Sunnulíð: 1
  • 3.469 ISK